Despite their small size, bacteria have a high degree of subcellular organization. The use various mechanism to compartmentalize their cells in reaction spaces. Our group uses biochemical, genetic and cell biological tools to unravel the molecular mechanism behind this sophisticated subcellular organization. We use single molecule super-resolution microscopy to understand how nanometer sized proteins build and shape a cell that is three orders of magnitude larger and how the cellular traits are stably inherited. Therefore, we analyze the organization of the bacterial nucleoid, the cell membrane, cell wall and cytoskeleton.

Open Positions

Motivated students with an interest in bacteriology, cell biology and microscopy are always welcome to inquire for research courses, internships and theses. We are a vibrant international team of scientists and offer a multidisciplinary research education.

We will post open PhD or Postdoc positions. However, we also welcome requests and are happy to discuss funding possibilities.

For more information please contact Prof. Dr. Marc Bramkamp.